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Best Lift Chair Buyer's Guide 2018

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When people age, it can get hard for them to maneuver. When joints start to ache, or stiff muscles kick in, the tiniest jobs can wreak havoc on an individual’s body, resulting in severe pain with every motion. Occasionally, the pain can be so harsh that the individual loses complete mobility. In such cases, the individual might seek out approaches to reduce stress on the body and restrict motion. A lift chair can be an ideal method to achieve this. When a lift chair is used, mechanisms inside the chair lift it down and up, letting the user get up or sit down without placing stress on the body. 

Lift Chair Mechanism

Electric lift chairs utilize a frame beneath the seat that raises the chair while angling it forward. A handheld device close to the chair’s arm regulates the lift mechanism. On several power lift chairs, this device regulates the reclining position of the chair, too.

Be mindful that several outdated lift chairs utilize springs to raise the chair rather than an electrical mechanism. Most chair producers have ceased using spring mechanisms because of safety issues. Before, when the spring mechanisms started moving, they wouldn’t stop, which at times threw a passenger out of their chair. In modern lift chairs, the electrical mechanism increases slowly, letting the passenger get to their feet safely.

Position of the Lift Chair

There are a quartet of positions the lift chairs can move in: three-position, two-position, zero-gravity, and infinite-position. All of these position alternatives provide individual reclining features for passengers.

Two-Position Lift Chair

The two-position lift chair angles to approximately 45 degrees, allowing the passenger to stay upright for the most part, even when completely reclined. In spite of the term "two-position," the chair may recline to a 45-degree reclining position or a completely upright one.

Three-Position Lift Chair

Three-position lift chairs raise the reclining amount to create a sleeping position. This is further back than the 45 degrees provided by the two-position lift chair. However, it doesn’t completely recline back to a flat position. Similar to the two-position lift chair, the three-position chair has the ability to recline to all positions within its angling range.

Infinite-Position Lift Chair

Infinite-position chairs offer much more of an angling range, raising the recline to a leveled position to lay in. Similar to the three and two-position lift chairs, the infinite-position chair can be arranged flat and completely upright.

Zero-Gravity Lift Chair

The final version of the lift chair out there is known as a zero-gravity chair. It comes with the complete range of recline provided by the infinite-position chair. However, it lets the user tilt back even more, placing the legs over the back. This angle reduces lower back stress and elongates the muscles, offering tightness relief.

Size of the Lift Chair

Because a lift chair angles its passenger to a standing position from a sitting one, the lift chair’s size is vital to keep in mind for those intending to buy one. The weight and height of the passenger are aspects that impact the performance of the chair, as well as its functionality. The chair’s size is contingent on the passenger’s comfort, but there are some basic guidelines one can use to choose a chair size.


Below 350 lbs.

Over 350 lbs.

Below 5’

Width: 23”

Height: 18”

Width: 29”

Height: 18”

5’ to 5’, 3”

Width: 20”

Height: 19”

Width: 27”

Height: 19.5”

5’, 4” to 5’, 10”

Width: 21”

Height: 19.5”

Width: 27”

Height: 19.5”

5’, 10” to 6’, 8”

Width: 23”

Height: 20-22”

Width: 29”

Height: 22.5”

Height is a key aspect for a lift chair passenger. Too small of a chair can propel the passenger from the floor, causing them to fall. Those thinking of buying a lift chair must take into account the chair’s size prior to making a choice.

Lift Chair Aspects

Although the main aspect of a lift chair is the lift mechanism, several chairs provide extra aspects to raise the comfort of the passenger. For instance, some lift chairs provide embedded massage or heat functions, which can raise the passenger’s relaxation. Other features are storage compartment or cup holders in the armrest, detachable arms to simplify transfers out and in of the chair, and lumbar support.

What extra features could be advantageous to you?

Leather might not be the ideal choice if you sweat a lot.

If you have issues with incontinence, abstain from cloth materials.

For the most part, leather is more expensive, but don’t dismiss its advantages.

Begin by taking inventory of the room size, as well as the decor for a suitable match. 

Does your living room have somewhat of a tight space to keep the chair? Does it have to be positioned against a wall? Models are out there that can begin against a wall and open forward without slamming into the wall behind it. Regular versions that slide backward and out could be troublesome in tight spaces.

Alternative Lift Chair Choices

Besides the main lift chair aspects, there are other features that can raise comfort, access, and convenience:

  • Left or right remote hand control location
  • Massage and heat functions
  • Lumbar pillow support
  • Additional storage pockets to contain remotes and reading materials
  • Snack trays and cup holders

Decor and Room Factors

In addition to choosing the lift chair’s size, features, and options, it’s also vital to think about the room it will be left in.

Lift chairs are about the size of comparable recliners; but since lift chairs activate, they necessitate slightly more space. As such, for rooms lacking space, one approach is to use a space-saver or wall-hugger version, which permits the lift chair to function within 4″ to 6″ from a wall.

Granted, décor is essential to several lift chair passengers. For most lift chair models, it is feasible to closely match a lift chair to many furniture tones.

Reclining lift chairs are built to accommodate a majority of users and are developed to fit with all types of lifestyles and decor styles.

Fabrics for Lift Chairs

Lift Chair fabrics provide an abundance of choices. Besides tones to accommodate your tastes, some fabrics tailor to your lifestyle and can handle everyday wear and tear. 

High-quality micro-suede, which is a manually knitted amalgamation of polyester fibers, is finer than human hair. Micro-Suede is softer than regular suede. It is dirt resistant, strong, and is simply sanitized by using a dry cloth to wipe the fabric. 

Another sought-after choice is Ultraleather. This fabric provides the texture and aesthetics of leather, yet is stronger than real hide upholstery. Ultraleather has 13 times the durability rating (in comparison to the industry standard) with embedded stain resistance and heavy-duty materials. As such, it will last for a long time thanks to its water-repellent polyurethane upholstery. Many stains can be taken away from an Ultraleather lift chair using soap, water, and cleaning solutions containing alcohol.

Further, Ultraleather is quite resistant to temperature fluctuations, staying cool when in direct sunlight. It also resists cracking and stiffening in cold climates.

However, more economical is vinyl fabric, which is a plastic resin produced from ethylene and chlorine. It contains and absorbs heat because its non-breathable.

From style to function, a lift chair will no doubt be a welcome piece of furniture for your household.

Purchasing the Best Lift Chair from

To locate a lift chair on eBay, you can enter “lift chair” in the search box. Afterward, you can filter the results by condition or price. Because a lift chair is a big item, you might wish to choose the seller’s location to help with delivery. Additionally, you can add certain aspects, like "heated lift chair," to further filter your results. Lift chairs offer a substantial amount of freedom since you can get out of and into them effortlessly. Make time to seek out a suitable fit for your needs.

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